The lowest effective consumption ever

Public Sector

Efficient Lighting system is one of the main target of the Public Authority. The public lighting is a very important and critical cost, both on the economical side and for the best valorisation of the territory and safeguarding of the Environment..

The exceptional colour rendering makes the colour more vibrant and illuminates perfectly the public areas valorising them.

AGE Lighting is the perfect solution for the Public Authority, drastically reducing the cost of lighting thanks to a very low energy consumption and the virtual maintenance free, at the same time providing a very long lifespan and a perfect illumination of the areas, creating an attractive and safe environment for residents and tourists.

AGE Lighting for the Public sector are available in several versions: IP65, IP67, Dimmable (very important for reducing consumption in a specific area and time) and AE (for acid and corrosive environment or nearby saline environments).

Ideal for: roads, historic centers, parkings, public parks, advertising banners, buildings


The most efficient Dinamic Lighting

Smart City

The correct choice of technology and its correct implementation are critical aspects for making the “Smart City” efficient in its full complexity.

The ideal choice for the Smart Cities.

Lighting is definitely a fundamental aspects of the "Smart Cities", whereas the technologies will merge to enable more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly future cities.

To cut public spending related to energy utilities, improving and innovating the infrustructure, brings several benefits in terms of public infrastructure operation, together with several benefits for the citizens and tourists.

Our induction lighting range of products interact perfectly with all the modern lighting communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, ZigBee, DALI, DALI-2, smart sensors, andcustomizable upon request.

lampade ad induzione per settore pubblico

Ideal for: roads, historical centres, parkings, public parks, buildings,..


The longest lifespan ever

Roads &

The street lighting is one of the highest costs for the Roads & Highways Operators. To have an efficient and reliable lighting is a condition that is not negotiable.

A perfect light, uniform and diffuse, for the maximum safety and comfort.

AGE Lighting is the perfect solution for the roads and Highways Operators: drastic cost reduction thanks to the very low energy consumption, to the incredibly long lifespan and to the virtually maintenance free.

AGE Induction Lighting has a great diffusion and uniformity of light, flicker free and with no glare, very critical aspects for drivers, that will be able to drive with better visual comfort and safety. With a very good CRI objects and threats can be easily identified.

AGE TSC - Tunnel Comfort Plus models are particularly indicated for Tunnels and Galleries, a unique model with separable ballast up to 75m distance, with obvious advantages for operation and maintenance, with the highest Visual Comfort and Safety.

AGE Induction Tunnel Comfort Plus has an high resistance to high temperatures, therefore in case of a fire, enables the lighting to function for a long duration assisting with the evacuation operation, together with a improved visibility thanks to the multi-frequency luminous flux that facilitates the passage of light among the smoke.

lampade ad induzione per strade e autostrade

Ideal for: roads, highways, tunnels, stations.


The lowest heat output ever

Service Sector

In the Service’s world it is crucial to offer the best possible lighting and, at the same time, the most efficient lighting with the lesser energy consumption.

AGE Induction lighting are EMC certified for electromagnetic compatibility, important for areas where interference with other electromagnetic technology is not allowed.

AGE induction lighting satisfy the highest range of quality and are non-toxic, with photo-biological risk equal to zero, and are completely recyclable..

Another important factor for the Service sector is the Dimmerable option that, with linear relationship between luminous flux and power consumption, which is able to go from 100% to 50% power with 49% reduction of energy consumption, which is very important during service closing time.


Ideal for: malls, airports, train stations, gas stations, markets, large stores, parking

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