The most efficient lighting in the market


For the Industrial sector it is crucial to have an adequate lighting in the working areas, for a more efficient and more accurate production, and safeguarding the health of the employees. The cost of lighting is very critical as well as its maintenance cost.

The lowest cost of lighting with the maximum diffusion of light.

AGE Lighting is the perfect solution for the Industrial sector solving most of the critical aspect related to lighting, with a drastic reduction of the energy consumption and the cost of operation: on top of the virtually maintenance -free lighting, there are additional savings related to avoiding any interruption of the productive activities inside the factory.

On top of all these benefits there is an extraordinary chromatic index that make the colours more vibrant and illuminating perfectly all the working areas, with no glare and no photo-biological risks, without tiring the eyes and other noises that can slow down the personnel, making de facto the working area safer and more confortable to work in.


Ideal for: factories, warehouses, hangars, logistic centres


A very robust and reliable lighting

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industrial environment are characterized by extreme and challenging working conditions: high temperatures, corrosion, acidity, explosive atmospheres, humidity, dust, transient voltage, harmonic distortion, power surge and more.

The best performance also in the most extreme conditions.

AGE Induction Lighting are built to survive in harsh, high demand applications with dynamic power environments.

Uniform, perfectly diffused light is crucial for the maximum safety in areas with heavy equipment and full of hazards. Exclusive integrated technology eliminates transient voltages and filters facility generated noise to ensure that dirty power doesn’t affect the lighting to cause failures.

AGE Induction Lighting stand alone, no matter the circuit, no matter the panel and load, with no need for fusing, surge protectors, line conditioning, isolation transformers or capacitive filters.
AGE Induction Lighting is also available with Ex-Proof and ATEX versions, ideal for environments with explosive atmospheres, and AE Version for Acidic and Corrosive environments.

industria pesante

Ideal for: metal manufacturing and processing, automotive industry, offshore, mines, mills, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, shipyards..


A great colour rendering index


The quality of light is essential for every party involved in the sport sector, no matter if it’s for the player or instructor or TV operator or even the audience, it caters for all.

The best performance ever.

AGE induction lighting is the perfect solution for the Sport centres, solving most of the criticalities related to lighting, thanks to the best efficiency on the market, with the lesser energy consumption, the longest lifespan, the virtually maintenance free and, at the same time, with the perfect light for sport areas..

With a color rendering index CRI up to 91 and no glare, the player will make a better performance with no risks for the eyes, headache or other inconvenience, at the same time the audience will enjoy a perfect and uniform lighting, as well as the TV operator that will be able to film without flickering and with a clarity never experienced before.

lampade ad induzione per settore sport

Ideal for: sport centres, swimming pools, tennis, soccer, baseball, volley courts.


The ideal lighting for plants


Lighting is among the most critical aspects for the correct plant's germination, growth and production in a green-house. The correct technology choice is crucial in order to obtain the right quality and quantity, and for a quick return of investment.

Higher yield and higher quality, thanks to a perfect lighting.

AGE's staff has develped customizable products that can ensure the correct plant-specific spectrum (the correct amount and type of light for each plant), for the germination, growth and production for both for traditional or for high-tech green-houses.

Our Induction grow lights, representing the cutting edge of innovation, are designed to help farmers increase the yield, reduce their energy and maintenance costs and extend the seasonality of summer crops, guaranteeing production even in the winter period.

AGE induction Grow lights provides a soft, homogeneous and diffuse light that light up all parts of the plants without harming them, making de facto easier the farming, the operation and the care of the plants.
Our grow lights are designed to last very long also in harsh environment, ensuring the farmers a high savings both in energy and maintenance.

lampade ad induzione per settore agricolo

Ideal for: leafy plants, fruit plants, vegetables, ornamental and flowering plants, small fruits.

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