Thanks to the continuous R&D activities, AGE is able to produce Lighting solution with extraordinary results in terms of yield, consumption and duration with a very low environmental and economical impact.

AGE’s Lighting provides the Maximum Visual Comfort safeguarding the eyesight, with no glare and without tiring the eyes. AGE produce Induction lighting able to satisfy the highest quality standards and adaptable to several field of application.



The principle of the technology is not recent, in fact the first induction lighting was invented by Nikola Tesla back in1890. Essentially, an induction lamp is an electrodeless fluorescent. Without electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light. The elimination of filaments and electrodes results in a lamp of unmatched life, lasting about 90.000-100,000 hours (AGE up to 110.000 hours), this system can outlast 100 incandescent, five HID, five typical fluorescent l or 2-3 LED lamp changes.

The light is generated via a gas discharge through simple magnetism. The two magnets, which consists of 2 rings with metal coils (called also toroid), create an electromagnetic field around a glass tube which contains the gas, using a high frequency that is generated by an electronic ballast.

The discharge path, induced by the coils, forms a closed loop causing acceleration of free electrons, which collide with mercury atoms (present in a small solid mercury amalgam pellet) and excite the electrons. As the excited electrons from these atoms fall back from this higher energy state to a lower stable level, they emit ultraviolet radiation.

The UV radiation created is converted to visible light as it passes through a phosphor coating on the surface of the tube.

The unusual shape of an induction lamp maximizes the efficiency of the fields that are generated.

AGE researchers and engineers has applied and patented improvements to the existing technology in order to make it more durable and more efficient, making de facto AGE’s lighting the most efficient and most durable lighting in the world.

The advantages of AGE Induction Lighting

  • Lamp’s lifespan between 95.000-110.000 hours
  • Ballast’s lifespan of about 300.000 hours
  • Purest light available, comparable to daylight
  • Instant start, instant restrike and flicker free
  • Absolutely Stable luminous flux
  • Very high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) up to 91
  • High generator Power Factor (cosφ) ≥ 0,988
  • Harmonic Distorsion THD < 2,5%
  • The lesser effective consumption ever
  • Very flexible working Temperature ( -55°C / +85°C )
  • 185+ lm/W effective (E.V.E.) - 204+ lm/W (V.E.L.) - 204 Plm
  • Very low lumen depreciation, less than 15% after 90.000 hours
  • Lowest heat output ever ( max 45°C )
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Completely non toxic and with null Photo-biological risk
  • 10 years warranty
  • Maintenance free
  • Option ATEX (for explosive environment) AE (Acid and corrosive environment) IP67 (protection or immersion)
  • Option DIMMER (possible to regulate the power and effective lighting) with linear consumption reduction: - 50% power reduction = 51% consumption reduction

Download the comparison chart of the technologies compared

Comparative technologies .pdf
1Why to choose AGE Induction lighting?
AGE products are made to last very long time: with a Ballast that last about 300.000 hours and a lamp that last up to 110.000 hours, the lesser consumption on the market, the lesser heat output and better yield compared to other technologies, AGE Induction lighting is the most efficient and most durable in the world. The complete fixture is maintenance free throughout its 100.000-hour lifespan and promises to reduce your energy costs by at least 50%.
2Why didn’t Induction lighting succeed even though it’s been around since 1890?
Initially this technology was not so commercially viable, due to its high cost and vast size. The long lifespan and very good efficiency goes against the logics of today’s consumerism, therefore many companies preferred to develop products with more frequent “replacements”, not allowing the right large scale development to Induction technology. New developments have broken down the barriers of costs and technological setbacks. Today, its obvious benefits make it a clear-cut choice for many lighting applications over traditional light sources. Energy efficiency, lifespan, colour rendition, lumen depreciation, waste/heat output, glare and more. AGE strongly believes Induction lighting to be the next generation of electric light that is set to displace several existing forms of electric lighting.
3Does AGE Induction lighting cause photo-biological damages?
AGE Induction lamps are certified and falls into the category R=0, photo-biological risk equal to zero (EN62471:2008). AGE induction lighting offer the best visual comfort, parameter that is never mentioned from other technology providers that could be harmful for the eyes (causing fatigue and glare with permanent damages to the retina.) AGE induction lighting does not cause any damage to the eyes and, due to high chromatic rendering index make it possible to clearly see the colours and objects, reducing the eye’s fatigue.
4Why is AGE Induction Lighting considered Greener than other technologies?
The safeguarding and respect for the Environment are among the main targets of the AGE Group. AGE lighting are made with 100% recyclable materials and are made to last very long, therefore limiting the production of useless waste and of CO2 emissions. In particular AGE lighting has a very long lifespan, the only lighting in the world that has a ballast duration of about 300.000 hours (circa 70 years), and the only one to have lamps that last up to 110.000 hours, after which is possible to replace the lamp without replacing the whole body, very different from other technologies. With such duration we avoid frequent replacement of the products, reducing the waste production but also reducing the CO2 related to production, transportation and logistic. AGE lighting are realized only with materials not harmful for the human health and for the Earth, and are completely non toxic.
5Is it possible to use AGE Lighting for residential purposes?
The induction lighting has only one critical point: It cannot be produced in small sizes yet, due to the fact that is not possible to reproduce the same electromagnetic field with the same efficiency. AGE produce induction lamps starting from 40W power, and for application of medium-large size for industrial purposes, sport centres, roads and services, but it could be applied also in large gardens and rooms with high ceilings.
6Is it true that AGE gives a 10 year warranty on its induction lighting products?
AGE products are manufactured with the highest quality standard and is made to last very long. The reliability of the quality and duration of its products makes it possible for AGE to offer a 10 year warranty that no other producer has yet made with the same terms and conditions.
7Does AGE lighting contains liquid mercury?
NO. AGE lighting contains a small quantity of mercury amalgam 100% recyclable. The amalgam contains a small quantity of mercury in solid form, less than 2mg for each lamp (far less mercury than in other household items such as batteries 5-25mg). It is exactly the same mercury amalgam that has been used by dentists for teeth fillings. Amalgam is a metal alloy that does not escape in case the light source breaks, does not pose any health hazard to people and does not contaminate the environment. The use of amalgam makes the lamp easy and safe to dispose of at the end of lamp life.

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