We cut down the energy losses in the power cables

Features and Benefits


Following several years of intense research and development, AGE’s R&D division has developed a new conception of power cable called AGE QUANTUM Tech.

AGE QUANTUM Tech cables have an extraordinary efficiency, much higher than all power cables available on the market, able to achieve important electrical energy savings: in a range between 13% and 30% of the losses.

Such higher efficiency is possible where there are control devices such as Inverters, SCR, TRIAC and any power control device such as parcel phasing and switching feeders.

The energy saving achieved is due to the optimization of the energy transfer whereas, in the traditional cables, usually there are important dispersions and power losses.

The working principle, covered by an industrial patent, is to use a technology that makes possible for the energy flow to work independently no matter which frequency is used, using the mutual inductance as an electronic power pump.

The return of Investment (ROI) for AGE QUANTUM Tech cables is always less than a year thanks to the energy saving results.

AGE Quantum Tech Cables will be available starting from Q4 2017.


  • Reduction of the electrical energy losses in a range between 13% and 30%
  • Lifetime guaranteed (if properly used following instructions)
  • very quick return of investment
  • withstand any weather conditions
  • 100% recyclable
  • very low environmental impact


1Are AGE cables available in standard sizes?
AGE QT cables are tailor made for the customer based on the type of heading, length and power.
2Why substitute existing cables with AGE QT?
AGE QT makes possible to save between 13 and 30% of the energy losses, and in some case the savings could be higher.

AGE QUANTUM Tech cables are ideal for any application where there is a switching power control higher than 15kW, and in any type of engine where there is a regulation of power and speed.

INDUSTRIAL SECTOR: heaters, furnace for metal treatment, or any other plant where there is a switch power control.
ENERGY PRODUCTION SECTOR: Solar PV plants, wind, biomass, cogeneration plants and any other energy plant with power switcher higher than 50 KW.

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